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    8.1 If necessary, the administration may use a Safety Car (SC) in the race. The SC takes the last place on the starting grid when the server switching to a racing session. When the race starts in normal mode, the safety car does not stand on the starting grid.

    8.2 The SC goes to the track if there are damaged cars, debris and wheels on the track, in difficult weather conditions and in any other cases when the administration considers it necessary.

    8.3 The driver of the SC connects to the server under the “SC” nickname (or similar in meaning). The administration has the right not to disclose the SC driver name. In addition, there may be several SC on the server.

    8.4 All drivers must have game chat enabled when they on the track.

    8.5 When SC deployed, the message “SAFETY CAR” is written in the chat. After this message all overtaking is prohibited.

    8.6 On the track the SC slows down waiting for the race leader catches him up. At this time, other pilots may overtake SC. After the race leader has caught up with the SC, the leader and all other cars line up in the column behind the SC according to positions taken by them at the time the SC was deployed. Lapped cars may return in leader’s lap and take a place, according to their positions in the race, in the column behind the safety car. Drivers can return in leader’s lap immediately after SC was deployed without any additional messages from the organizer. All other drivers are forbidden to overtake each other and the SC, unless this is provided for in any other clause of this Regulation. The race leader can get behind no more than ten car bodies from the SC.

    8.7 While the SC stays on the track, drivers may service car on pit lane and serve penalties.

    8.8 Drivers must move in one row as safely as possible along the path of the SC when it possible. In difficult weather conditions, all drivers, including the leader, have to increase the distance between cars for safety reasons. Drivers must not interfere with lapped cars returning leader’s lap and have to leave space on the track for lapped cars. If necessary, the SC driver may require cars follow him through the pit lane. In this case, the message “ALL FOLLOW SC THROUGH THE PIT LANE” will be written in the chat. When driving through the pit lane lapped cars is forbidden to get ahead of the other cars.

    8.9 Driver may return his position if he was overtaken by another driver under SC.

    8.10 It is allowed to overtake cars that have unreasonably slowed down, left the track or cannot continue driving. Drivers who have slowed down and lost their positions must take the position that they took when resuming movement on the track.

    8.10.1 If the car slowed down, first you need to make sure that the slowdown was unreasonable and there are no objective reasons not to continue moving at a sufficient speed. Only after making sure that there are no objective reasons for the slowdown, you can overtake.

    8.10.2 If the driver ahead made a mistake or returned to the limits of the track, then it is need to give him the opportunity to gain sufficient speed for movement. Only after making sure that the driver cannot move at a sufficient speed, you can overtake.

    8.11 When is made a decision to resume the race in normal mode, the message “SAFETY CAR IN THIS LAP” will be written in the chat. This means that at the end of the lap this message was written the SC will leave the track. Drivers may begin to actively warm up tires. In the third sector, a leader can release a safety car in more than ten car bodies. Overtaking is allowed only after crossing the finish line at the end of the lap the SC left the track. During the restart, lapped cars should not interfere with the drivers in leader’s lap.

    8.11.1 During the restart, after exiting the last corner and before crossing the finish line, the leader is forbidden to reduce the speed. He may accelerate or maintain speed. This rule also applies to the race start behind SC.

    8.12 If for some reason the SC cannot continue to move, then the race leader performs the role of the SC and race will be restarted at the end of the lap when SC was stopped.

    8.13. Starting behind SC procedure.

    8.13.1 When switching the server to a racing session, the administration may decide to start the race in SC mode, in case of bad weather conditions or if the administration consider it necessary. In this case, the message “SAFETY CAR” will be written in the chat. SC stays at first place on the grid. Drivers go to formation lap in the normal mode, if the formation lap is enabled.

    8.13.2 When the starting lights go out, SC starts moving and all drivers line up in a column behind the SC according to starting positions on the grid.

    8.13.3 When a decision is made to leave the SC off the track, the start of the race is carried out in accordance with 8.11.

    8.13.4 If start for behind SC is announced, but it is no SC on the server, the race leader performs the role of the SC. Race start is carried out in accordance with 8.13.2 - 8.13.3.

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